John Deere 5310 tranmission hyd fluid get super hotbrakes lock up

John Deere 5310 tranmission hyd fluid Problems

Please help,
I have a tractor John Deere 5420 SYC Shuttle of 4 motor wheels. The brakes seem to drag a little always, the tractor is not going to the coast on the hill in our nude as the brakes seem to warm and slow tractor to a stop. I have changed the liquid, the filter and cleaned the screen.

I have removed the set of brake valves from the tractor and cleaned all the valves and brake balls (any jam or dirty) The tractor has the same problem. I do not know what to do. The local dealer of John Deere says that he can fix it but does not give information. Someone has a service manual with hydraulic schemes that show the location of all CK valves. Thanks

John Deere 5310 tranmission hyd

I did the same, the distributor said it was a valve that stuck in the back. He said he had to break the tractor in two places. They charged me more than $ 5,000 about 2 years ago.

He warmed me so much that if I spit in the sizzle transmission box and the pedals of the brakes even went to the ground due to overheated O-rings.

I realized that after this would only happen when I was on the road with Slasher lift all the way up. It seemed that with the level up, the wheel axis was constantly pushing, so the bomb worked continuously. I found that raising all the way up and then pushing the lever forward slightly to stop the job of the pump, the problem was reduced. Now you said that she cleaned the screen. Where is that at 5420 since now I have another problem so that the oil reaches the pump and I am looking for a sieve of some kind but I can not find it at 5420.

It is the three springs sets of pins on the brake pistons in the housings of the axes. Buy two new brake linings (discs) and get ready for a day of work and go better with good assistant and a motor elevator. Take the tires and then the hip (shaft housing). Then you are on the brakes.

Carefully remove the brake piston, it is inside the disk, remove the three spike springs completely and pull them as far as possible in the forest, lake, etc. Install new o-rings on the piston and put the piston back on the housing (without the spike springs) and reassemble the tractor as it was dismantled. Repeat the operation with the other side. Ask an assistant to pump a brake until it is tightened and hold it, open the purge valve at the top of the shaft housing to release the air, tighten and repeat until all the air has disappeared from the system.

Repeat the bleeding process for the other side. This has been the worst problem for all the deeres of the 5xxx series I know, and one of the best kept secrets.

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