John Deere 5310 Rock shaft and other problems

John Deere 5310 Rock shaft and other problems Problems

A quick introduction before asking for help! I live in central Indiana and have a small acre. I use for the landscape, and they have a 1992 770 with charger. I bought a 5400 a few years ago with a charger, and a friend and I just traded in for a 1998 5310 w / charger for it.

We just traded a guy for a 1998 John Deere 5310 with 645 hours. The machine has been out in the open without being used for probably 7-8 years. The previous owner couldn’t get any hydraulics to work, so he let it sit. The machine had a large backhoe attachment at the rear that prevented it from reaching the hydraulic screen when I changed it. The clutch was frozen, I got it for free. No hydraulics worked, no 3 pt., No loader, no steering.

I took the tractor home and drained the hydraulic fluid. There were 2 gallons in the tractor. I pulled out the grill and it had a thick layer of slime that wouldn’t let anything go through. I have soaked the grate and lightly scrubbed it, it is now clean. I have thrown out the MFWD gearbox, and have replaced the o-rings and a gasket on the output shaft from which the hydraulic fluid was leaking I think.

I changed the hydraulic filter, put the Hy-guard and now I have steering, the loader works, and the rock axles lift, where they did not before. I tried to put the 3pt. back down and not going. I made sure the sink rate knob was all the way open, and I think it is, but it doesn’t move very freely. I’m going to remove the seat and take it out and look at it. As I said, I think everything is open; What other things should I do, if the drop speed valve is ok?

Also, I have noticed that the PTO is constantly turning, even if the PTO is off. Not only does it spin a little, but it’s on. I guess the clutch is frozen too. I’m planning to put a pig bush on it and hit some thick stuff to see if I can free it up, if I can ever get the 3 pt arms to go down to attach a pig bush!

It’s a shame that this tractor was let go so long, but I think I’m about to bring it back to life. After 3 wasp stings and a bee sting, I think I have killed all the critters that lived in it. Thanks for any help!

Another thing to keep in mind is the parking pawl on the transmission. They are notorious for breaking, and when they do they contaminate the hydraulic system with bits of metal. I doubt this is not related to your current problem, but it is something to be aware of.

John Deere 5310 problems

Just a little update. I removed the drop speed valve and the hydraulic oil shot out and the 3pt. it fell. I examined the drop valve itself, and it looked nice and clean. I tried to blow some compressed air into the hole, thinking that some of the grime that caked up all over the screen was plugging up some of the other passages as well. No luck. I put it back in and turned it on. The 3 pt rises and stops correctly with the control, but does not go down. All other hydraulic systems have been restored. Address, charger, etc.

The rear PTO remains stuck, regardless of where the hitch is adjusted. If I can get the 3pt to work I plan on hooking a bush hog and trying to jerk the PTO clutch a bit.

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