John Deere 5310 PTO doesn’t disengage properly

John Deere 5310 PTO doesn't disengage properly Problems

I just bought a John Deere 5310, the turbo engine, if there is any difference.

When the engine is running the PTO is turning. With the PTO clutch off I can stop the axle by pushing a 2×4 against the axle. I assumed that the PTO brake had failed. Doing a bit of research and buying the service manual I find no evidence of a PTO brake. I’m going to investigate the PTO lever setting, maybe it’s not fully disengaging the PTO clutch.

I plugged in a post hole auger yesterday and of course it started spinning as soon as I started the tractor. I was able to get it to stop just by grabbing a smooth part of the auger shaft, maybe not the safest method, but it worked. I got on the tractor and stepped on the main clutch pedal, and the auger came to life, spinning. I’m confused as to how those two things are related, I thought the PTO had a completely independent clutch.

This is my first John Deere so I am looking for some advice.

I have a John Deere 5310 so I am making an assumption. There is a separate PTO clutch which is what makes it independent. It sounds like yours is dragging or not fully disengaging. There are likely to be differences between power inverter, collar shift, and shuttle shift transmissions.

Mine is the shuttle shift with econo mode (2pto speed) I agree I was thinkin the clutch might be dragging I’m going to look and adjust the clutch lever later today. In order to adjust the clutch fingers I have to split the tractor, and I am not interested in doing that in the near future. Unless you have to, of course.

John Deere 5310 PTO

I spent a little more time playing with him. I disconnected the rod that goes from the lever to the clutch of the power take-off so that it was totally disengaged. There are no changes in operation.

I had my wife help me by pressing the clutch pedal lightly, and I couldn’t stop the auger from turning, which means to me that pressing the clutch pedal is fully engaging the PTO. I think that’s the problem I have to solve, that’s the dangerous part, the slight hang is not that serious.

I have disassembled the side of the tractor with the levers (left), there is a cable that runs from the gear selector lever to the right side of the tractor under the ground near the accelerator pedal. I have no idea what he does, the previous owner disconnected him because he is seized. I don’t see how, but could it be part of the problem? Either way, does anyone know what this is for?

I have found a way to completely disconnect the PTO, if I put the PTO speed selector between normal and economic modes it seems that it is a neutral, regardless of the clutch or the PTO lever does not turn . Does anyone know if doing this can cause mechanical damage?

I’m guessing, putting the PTO lever between the PTO and the ePTO is disengaging the PTO, but it hasn’t moved enough to engage the ePTO.
You are correct the cable to the throttle is to limit the engine to 1700rpm when in ePTO.
I have never split that model, but I have split my 2030 many times. splitting the engine to the clutch housing is not bad for him.

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