John Deere 5310 not rolling easily in neutral

John Deere 5310 not rolling easily in neutral Problems

I just collected a John Deere 5310 4×4 CAB Power Reverser with 2050hrs that seems to be braking when it is in neutral, either with the Power Reverser, the trans or the neutral range. The tractor works well except for this problem. The clutch is also very light and close to the top if this helps diagnose the problem. Also one of the brakes seems to be weak. Thanks for your help beforehand.

The clutch that is light and “near the top” is normal with the trannys of the energy investor ..
The nature of the beast. A lot of nothing, then grabbing in the last 1/8 “is normal.
It is a pita and compensation.

It blocks the front, and lifts the back of the ground.
Then turn the rear manually.

One side will be obviously tied.

John Deere 5310 not rolling

R & R of the shaft box with the cabin on the road would be the biggest obstacle. One may have to R & R the cab to complete the task. My neighbor has just replaced the brake springs of his 5410 with a roller protector and had to raise and suspend the roller guard while making repair of the shaft box. He had to perform the task twice because the first time he did not get the brake discs to settle enough in the housing of the axis before reassembling it. A couple of years ago, another neighbor had to change the springs of 5300 of him.

Update colleagues! The tractor is underway and the brakes work perfectly. I had another problem with the plug from the rear differential that was detached so I simply found a Drainage cap M22X1.50 that was a replacement of an older BMW to replace the 20mm cap and I ran a tap of 22mm and replaced it. The other side was fine and everything I had to do to lift the cabin was double the mounting of the back cabin and remove it from the shaft box which is simple.

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