John Deere 5310 good or bad tractor?

John Deere 5310 good or bad tractor? Problems

Looking to buy John Deere 5310. Are they a good tractor?

We have had 4 of these John Deere 5310 tractors here. A species of torture test scraping manure with a rubber scraper mounted on the back every day, the duty of “4 wheels” raising cows, occasionally a little hay work, etc. The first was a 5410 shuttle change in a 3-year lease. He ended up putting a clutch before the rental agreement was over.

It was replaced by a 5420 with an electric investor we buy. Now he is more than 10,000 hours and goes well. The main problems have been the bearings of the wheels and the axis. I was tired of changing the bearings of the front wheels, so when we need another tractor, we bought a 5320 mfwd and later a 5325 mfwd.

John Deere 5310 good tractor

For our use, the MFWD was not an advantage. If you had a loader in one, or you were pulling something that was hard to throw, then it would probably be worth it, but the bearings did not last much longer than the greased bearings of the 2WD tractors and cost much more to fix when they ruined when they ruined when they ruined when they ruined.

I’m not sure what happens with the bearings of the rear axle ….. it probably has something to do with the washing of the tractor from time to time, but even with the regular engrance, we have replaced a lot of exterior bearings and the Stamps in the 4 tractors we still have around. The newest is a 5055D and did not reach a full year before the first spoiled and the other side spoiled in a month.

At this point, we concentrate on keeping these things greased, so I really do not understand the reason for the failure so early there. We have modified these housings of the axes drilling and threading a hole for a tube cap and we keep them average lubricant 85-140 until they no longer stand it and then we use cornhead grease until the bearing fails before cleaning the Case, replace the bearing and the joint and start with gear lubricant.

The last ones I have made (in 5055d) I duplicated the seals so that there is an extra layer to protect the inner seal of the mud / mulch attack, etc. I can not say if this has done some miracle, that tractor is not receiving many hours at this time.

The few times that we use them for hay or the work of the outcome have been great. You can use a hydraulic motor and remain fresh much better than our old 4020/3020, etc.

The most common problems with our open station tractors have been the fuse panels. It is worth the time it takes to remove all fuses and replace or clean the tips and lubricate with a dielectric grease before re-inserted.

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