John Deere 5310 brake ques

John Deere 5310 brake ques Problems

Today I looked at a 1999 John Deere 5310 that had a neck shift. The tractor has been stationary for about 3 years. Everything worked fine, except that when you stepped on the clutch while driving, it stopped abruptly. I thought the emergency brake was on but the man said he didn’t have one and I didn’t see a lever.

So tell me with this type of transmission when you put it in park is a brake applied and maybe that brake has frozen or what is going on? Would the brake freeze from sitting? While driving it does not seem to drag but it can be and if the brake is pressed it stops normally.

John Deere 5310 brake ploblem

I have a 5310 to change the collar and when you put it in parking, that is your brake when stopped. You stop completely before putting the parking lot. Just pressing on the clutch shouldn’t stop it. There have been cases where people, I’m sure, have put it in the parking lot without stopping first and maybe it broke something.

Some older tractors have a clutch brake that acts on the shaft after the clutch plate. It is interconnected with the link in the clutch pedal. The idea is that it slows down the shaft after disengaging the clutch to make it easier to engage the selected gear. If the link is not properly adjusted, it comes into play too early and will slow you down.

Thanks Diesel for the link to the thread on the other site. The machine I was looking at was going to be out of the offer if it allowed repair, so I have passed it. It was a good machine other than that. I was afraid I didn’t have the knowledge or the right shop and equipment to do it myself. Thanks again for everyone’s help.

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