5310 John Deere brakes

5310 John Deere brakes Problems

I have a John Deere 5310 tractor that has a problem with the brakes, the pedals bottom out when engaged but
they stand up and work when the pedal is pumped 2-3 times. When the pedal is released
the next time the pedal is touched it has to be pumped again. Do the brakes work with the hydraulic system
hydraulic system or have their own reservoir. The operator’s manual just says to go to the dealer.
Thanks for any suggestions on what I can look for.

5310 John Deere brakes construction

It appears that the linings are worn and the springs that cause the brake piston to retract are working fine. Many of those 5000 series utility tractors had brake drag issues. Yours doesn’t appear to be one of those.

Most brake valves on Deere small tractors and backhoes use transmission / hydraulic oil from a reservoir that is filled by the hydraulic system and once full, overflows back into the transmission. If the brakes are leaking, repeatedly stepping on the pedal may cause the reservoir to run out. It will be refilled in a few minutes with the engine running. As long as the brake circuits do not leak heavily or the pedal is not repeatedly depressed, the reservoir will remain full.

I have a 310D backhoe with a broken brake piston seal. The brake reservoir is filled with the front pump from the main hydraulic reservoir, but the transmission / differential / final drive case on these machines is separate so it always overfills and overflows onto the ground when someone pushes the faulty brake and pumps oil through the brake cylinder to the final drive / rear end.

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